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To create a culture of sustainable living and cohesion between man and nature.


Helping you help the planet, one product and service at a time.

Our Roots

Our story begins with a seemingly innocuous day, where we began to think about the garbage that we were putting out into the world. A few internet searches later, we were shocked – to say the least – to find out that pollution affects over 100 million people globally, kills over a million marine creatures and wildlife per year, and is generally the silent killer and supervillain that we wanted to punch through the TV screen.

Obviously, this meant that we had to do something about it; so, we put on our superhero capes and suits and rallied the forces – but we realized that we looked ridiculous and decided to start a company instead. Thus, Eco Lanka Consultants was born.

We have since ditched the capes and relied on our about_us.php brains to create solutions for the world’s environmental issues. Our headquarters are run by innovators, free thinkers, human think tanks and fuelled by coffee runs; we believe that the world can still be saved, and we work everyday to delay doomsday by a few years until we come up with a long-term solution. Our work includes making products that we 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and pretty, finding buyers for small time businesses that have really great ideas but have limited ways to get them out and providing consultancy services to all who want to make their businesses greener and better.

The main goal that hangs on our vision board is to, through our products and services, make Sri Lanka and the rest of the world say NO to environmental destruction, and work towards defeating the ugly garbage sea monster (that thing weighs 14 million tonnes) and its friends on land, using our super brains and if needed, our lightsabres.

If you want to get in touch with us and discuss attack strategies, contact us here.

Sashan Rodrigo 

Founder/ CEO

BSc. Civil Engineering (USA)

MSc. Public and Non-Profit Institutions (USA)

MSc.  Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (USA)

Sashan is known as the Supreme Overlord and O Mighty Leader, and he makes sure that none of his team go off the rails. He is the coordinator and Boss of all, and is quite remarkable at it. Aside from his many qualifications, Sashan has experience with working in various professional fields and brings ideas and options to the table that nobody else can.

Niroshi Perera

Co-founder & Chief Business Development Officer

MSc. Branding and Communications (UK)

BSc. Mass Communications and Journalism (UK)

Niro is our creative Boss Lady with a penchant for pulling all-nighters and dreaming up fantastic ideas in her downtime. Known fondly as the Khaleesi of Eco Lanka, Niro’s experience spans over 10 years in the media industry as a journalist, radio personality as well as extensive experience in business development, product identity and brand development.

Sanuri Trikawalagoda

Junior Associate

Known as the Company Klutz and overall ray of sunshine, Sanuri is Sashan’s second in command and dabbles in doing everything that ELC gets up to. She is reading for a BSc. In International Relations (UK) and also teaches elocution to kids. She is passionate about saving the world and will definitely look good doing it.

Nishedha Indraratne

Junior Associate

ELC’s resident punmaker and grammar Nazi, Nish is known as the Niro Whisperer and generally plays a part in whatever ELC does at work. She is reading for an LLB(UK) and a Special Degree in English (UoC), and writes content on the side. She wants to make a difference in the world through what she does and is on her warpath.

Denham Todd

Senior Consultants

BSc. Business Administration (USJP)

Todd is ELC’s father figure and is who we turn to when we need a professional problem solved. He has an impressive portfolio of experience – he is the CEO of TODDS Enterprises and is currently the Head of Business Development at Total Consulting Solutions. His masterful skills in finance, planning, resource and project management are few of the many reasons he is an asset to ELC.